Having completed my four years of education in the Faculty of Computer Instruction Technology at Hacettepe University/Ankara; I’ve started to study in the faculty of Education Technology at Gazi University/Ankara to get my Master’s degree. Meanwhile I’ve started to work in Turkish Radio And Television as a video editor. After taking education in Film Studies in the light of valuable tutors in TRT, I became a video editor.

During the last 7 and half years I have acquired the proficiency at editing in every kind of programs and have worked more than 20 projects including documentaries, TV programs and news. In addition, I’ve attended many international organizations in Turkey as a content editor.  Now, I am planning to shoot a short film which will be completely held by me in every steps such as  directing, shooting, editing.

Understanding of knowledge about editing can be challenging  at first, but after a while spent on working and studying, you can achieve your goals not only in editing but also in any other areas. Completing education on the basis of the computer technologies helped me  about having the ability to take part in film making crews. Moreover, combination of the education at the university and the experience in broadcasting sector afforded me the opportunity of teaching focused on editing disipline to the ones who are concerned about this field. You can find some lessons on my blog as well.